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Kate Barlow reminds me of a really strong and brave women because she doesnt give up on anything and tries her best to reach her goals. When Sam was doing up the schoolhouse it reminded me of being kind and helpful to one another. Sam had done a favour for Kate and he got stabbed in the back by almost getting killed and Kate did something to solve the problem and that shows how much she cared about him.

Connector - Cecile
This kinda reminded me about my cousin's party. I was about five then. Anyway, it was a pirate party. My aunt had made a scavenger hunt for us. The winner gets a treasure box with lots and lots of sweets in and 10 rand. On the list was a golden bubble blower. Everyone was looking for this bubble blower. But it seemed nearly impossible to find. I thought it could be under the ground so tried digging every where. I didn't find anything. But then I saw something shine in the light. i looked what it was and then I saw it was the golden bubble blower. I was happy that I had found it. I came in 3rd place.
Discussion Director
1.How did the warden actually become the warden?
2.Why is Zero so quiet and angry?
3. Is digging holes the best punishment for them?
4.Howcome the warden is a lady?
5.Is the digging getting easier for Stanley?
the last few chapters Stanley gets a new nickname which is ‘Caveman’. Stanley
learns about more effective ways of digging his holes before the sun rises.
Stanley finds a fossil and thinks it’s good enough but unfortunately not. X-Ray
then makes Stanley promise to give him anything interesting he finds because
Stanley has‘an eye’ for those things. One day Stanley is digging and finds a
tube which he had to give to X-Ray because of their deal. Stanley finds out that
the warden is a woman and he writes his mother a letter. The warden makes them
dig in pairs so they can dig more holes and faster and try find anything else
that is interesting. The Warden keeps making Mr Pendanski to fill the boys’
canteens. Stanley also finds out that there are mini cameras all over Camp Green
Lake, watching their every move. Zero wanted Stanley to teach him how to read
and write. Squid stole a pack of seeds and Stanley took the blame. So Mr Sir
takes Stanley to the Warden.
 This week I was tasked with being the connector in book club.

It was very interesting finding different things such as the one about them blaming bad things on Stanley’s great-great-grand father which ties in the superstitions. It makes you wonder if they are really true because things often do happen that are unexplained.

The fact that there is no lake at Camp Green Lake goes with lots of promises that go with most boot camps and it is also in a way like how the Jews were promised lovely living areas to be but in sheds.

Stanley's lying to his mother about camp ties in with trying to please your parents and reaching the expectations and not wanting to let them down because they have your best interest at heart.

Stanley not being listened to in court and people assuming he did it was how society was so judgmental because they should have given him the respect to listen without jumping to conclusions early in the case. Although the evidence was against him they should have given him a fare chance.
Stanley Yelnats has been accused of stealing sneakers from a famous baseball player named Clyde Livingston. Anyway Stanley  has been sent away to a detention center called Camp Green Lake, except it does not  have a lake! It is just a dried up wasteland with two trees and a log cabin which is where the camp warden lives and has forbidden any boys to go.So Stanley has been sent here for 18 months. Everyday they have to dig a 5 foot deep hole and then they are allowed to got to a place called 'the wreck room'. So after the first day Stanley has dug his first hole in the scorching heat of the day and only just managed to stay strong, but not blister free! all the boys have to sleep in cots and have random nicknames such as 'Armpit' and 'Zero'. Stanley has written to his mother, except he says that he has made lots of friends and is enjoying the water  which we know is so not true! After a long first day Stanley is relaxing in the Wreck room.
1. Is Stanley having fun at Camp Green Lake?
2. Does Stanley's father use his family's bad luck as an excuse to his failure?
3. Why is Stanley called Caveman?
4. Why did the author name his main character in the form of a palindrome?
5. Why doesn"t the judge believe Stanley didn't steal the shoes?


    Hi my name is Hisha.I live in South Africa. I am 11 years old. 


    August 2013