This week I was tasked with being the connector in book club.

It was very interesting finding different things such as the one about them blaming bad things on Stanley’s great-great-grand father which ties in the superstitions. It makes you wonder if they are really true because things often do happen that are unexplained.

The fact that there is no lake at Camp Green Lake goes with lots of promises that go with most boot camps and it is also in a way like how the Jews were promised lovely living areas to be but in sheds.

Stanley's lying to his mother about camp ties in with trying to please your parents and reaching the expectations and not wanting to let them down because they have your best interest at heart.

Stanley not being listened to in court and people assuming he did it was how society was so judgmental because they should have given him the respect to listen without jumping to conclusions early in the case. Although the evidence was against him they should have given him a fare chance.

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