Stanley Yelnats has been accused of stealing sneakers from a famous baseball player named Clyde Livingston. Anyway Stanley  has been sent away to a detention center called Camp Green Lake, except it does not  have a lake! It is just a dried up wasteland with two trees and a log cabin which is where the camp warden lives and has forbidden any boys to go.So Stanley has been sent here for 18 months. Everyday they have to dig a 5 foot deep hole and then they are allowed to got to a place called 'the wreck room'. So after the first day Stanley has dug his first hole in the scorching heat of the day and only just managed to stay strong, but not blister free! all the boys have to sleep in cots and have random nicknames such as 'Armpit' and 'Zero'. Stanley has written to his mother, except he says that he has made lots of friends and is enjoying the water  which we know is so not true! After a long first day Stanley is relaxing in the Wreck room.

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    Hi my name is Hisha.I live in South Africa. I am 11 years old. 


    August 2013